A direct connection with your reader

Nowadays the QR-code appears on a lot of printed matter. Not very strange because this little square barcode, also known as a Quick Response code, is a smart and quick way to get acces to dynamick information.

Direct contact

The reader can easily scan the code with his or her smartphone, the code will give acces to extra information determined by the maker of the code. It can be a simple link to a website, but also a fully prepared text message with a request for more information or a digital business card with more contact information. There are much more possibilities for getting acces to dynamick information through a QR-code on static printed matter.


On top of that, it is possible to generate measureable QR-codes when linking to a website. That means you can filter out the people entering your website through the QR code. You can see exactly how many people are using the QR-code and wich QR-codes are placed most efficiently. This provides insight into the effects of marketing activities.

How does it work?

To scan a QR code, you needa smartphone with a camera and an 'app' to read the QR-codes. One of the most used applications is the QR-reader I-Nigma, which can be easily downloaded from www.i-niga.mobi. Just open the app, point your camera at the code and you will get instant acces to the extra information!


As a specialist in printed matter with an added value, Bergman Media Group knows all about the efficient use of QR-codes. Test it yourself with your own smartphone and the QR-codes on this page!